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Cheska Pivni Restaurace

Whoever said the meals you have during fasting period are not tasty, he hasn't tried our special menu items for that period!

On February 28, KOZLOVNA is launching new delicious dishes not just to the liking of all those who observe Lent, but to the hardened gourmets as well.

We have created truly tempting gastronomic flavors from the best ingredients and prepared them in the best way possible! Kozlovna follows by heart the culinary preferences of each guest, and the customized approach represents us!

Here is the listing of some of the highlights you can taste from our vegetarian menu:

1) Grilled broccoli with pepper sauce;

2) Minestrone soup;

3) Fresh vegetable salads with Tofu cheese;

4) "Prague in the Night" dessert.

Primarily, we have a friendly, warm atmosphere where you can come with your friends to spend any time you want in the coolest and urban place in the heart of the capital!

Even in fasting, all roads lead to KOZLOVNA because we have the best for our people!

Info&RSVP: 079 02 9999

24 Pushkin street


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